Race to Snow Palace

Thanks for coming to see me.  Thanks for always brightening my day. Thanks for feeding me ice soaked with red dye.  Thanks for being my other half.  Can’t wait to see you again in 1 month and then spend 4 together. ❤
(Snow Palace in York, Pennsylvania)

To Sweet, Love Sass.

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Photo by Andrew Haselden


Winter’s Dance

IMG_5682 (2).JPG

I wish to dance as they in the sky,
the thin air ringing to keep them alive.
Their fable is beauty, so chilled and up high,
as are the heavens in which they all thrive.
They leave behind a wonderland fleece,
which leaves me in tears whenever it cease.
By and by, admire do I,
for the rhythm’s a sight that captivates eyes.
Waving goodbye they dance through the night,
hidden by darkness, but never gone quite.
Until tomorrow I’ll dream of their dance,
where maybe we’ll both fade into expanse.

~ xo abigail

Photo by my adorable friend, Anna Jones