July 2018 Playlist

32. July Playlist '18

I’m comin’ for you Fickle Friends. Plan on me.


November Playlist

11. November Playlist '16.jpg

HEY!  IT”S NOVEMBER!  Last month I admit that I was kind of in a rut and had a hard time putting together a playlist, but it’s now November and that is going to be put behind becauuseeee November is one of my favorite months!  My music style is shifting into slower songs because it’s becoming colder out and that’s just what happens to me in the fall and winter… I think.  This playlist compares a lot to the September one, but at the same time it doesn’t because while the songs are slower in tempo, they’re not really the same genre.  They’re still totally fun to jam to (I’ve been doing it nonstop).  It contains a lot of The Lumineers and songs from two of my new founds bands Flor and LANY.  I really like these bands and hope they put more music out soon.

As always, here are my favorite tracks for the month:
Warm Blood by Flor
Rush of the Night by Dive In
Surrender by Beak Attack!
and like you lots by LANY

I had to include a fourth this month, forgive me.

October Playlist


HAPPY OCTOBER! The beginning of a great season is among us! It’s ironic that I have a song called September Song on here considering this is the October playlist, but to be fair, I make these during the previous month.

Without further ado, here are my favorites from this playlist:
Settle Down by The 1975
I Won’t Let You Walk Away by Make ft. Madison Beer and The Lost Kings
Like You Want To by Kita Alexander.

x sass ;P

Ariana Grande (Greedy&Sometimes)

I am literally obsessed with these two songs from Ariana Grande’s new album Dangerous Woman.  I played the album at 6:45 the morning on my way to work after the album came out and these two stuck out to me most.  I immediately played them on repeat when I heard them and then did the same thing on my way home!  Congrats on your new music Ari! I hope at least one person loves them as much as I do. ❤ They’ll definitely be on my June playlist 😉