April Playlist

15. April Playlistt '17

This playlist is inspired by my mom and dad. Β But honestly… who doesn’t like “good music”? Β The playlist is ordered from earliest release to most current!

My favorites:
American Pie by Don McLean (for my girls & dad)
Hold On Loosely by 38 Special
and Livin’ On A Prayer by Bon Jovi

They’re truly all my favorites.. πŸ™‚


Abigail’s April Playlist


YAY. I’m so happy about this playlist and have actually been waiting since, like, January to share this one because it’s my favorite and I needed it to be perfect before showing anyone. My favs are:

Wild by Troye Sivan and
Leave a Trace by CHVRCHES

Buuuut I love them all so really I don’t have a favorite. Β Enjoy!!! ❀

~xo Sass