November Playlist

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I don’t even know if I can pick favorites off of this playlist, but you can clearly see that Fade Into You was important!

However, I can say that this is the most fun I’ve had discovering new music in a long time!


September Jams

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This month I decided to sprinkle in my love for Fleetwood Mac! Besides Fleetwood Mac being my absolute and obvious favorite tracks on this playlist, here are my favorite singles:

  1. Bridge Burn by Little Comets
  2. ‘Cause I’m A Man – Tame Impala
  3. Call Me Up – Knox Hamilton

August Music

20. August Playlist '17

Look at me being right on time with posting!!!! I didn’t have any inspiration to make this playlist until two days ago, but sometimes the best playlists are born in the spur of a moment.  Never the less, I am proud of how this one turned out.

My favorites:
Do You – Spoon
What You Know – Two Door Cinema Club
The Less I Know The Better – Tame Impala
I Can’t Control Myself – Strange Names
(and OBVIOUSLY any song by Flor) but I feel like at this point, that’s a given so it can go unspoken.

ALSO: Keep an eye out for a new poem post this month!

July Jams

19. July Playlist '17

Well … better late than never, am I right?

My favorites this month are extensive:
Where do you go? – Flor
Unsaid – Flor
Million Bucks – Smallpools
Trip Switch – Nothing but Thieves
Despacito (DUH)
and 2U – David Guetta & JB

My favorite band just released their first ever album and I am over the moon about it!! I have included more than one of their songs on this playlist as well as many other playlists in the past! I am linking their Spotify page here and I also want to include their band homepage here as well. I hope you love them as much as I do! (Help me convince them to come play in D.C.!!!!)

And as always, my Spotify playlist:

Love Like No Other

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I’ll love you like no other.
I’ll take a long time getting ready just to hear you nag,
I’ll make you ride in the car with me so I’m not alone,
and I’ll make you listen to my obscure music
and play it until you know every word by heart.
I’ll beg you to take me out for ice cream
and make you get me doughnuts in the morning,
then be a pain to wake up when you get back.
I’ll list a ton of places for us to travel to,
I’ll hold your hand despite the sweatiness of it,
and turn the heat on high even though you like it cold.
I’ll complain about how the yellow starbursts are underappreciated,
and convince you to let me do your makeup,
I’ll annoy the hell out of you
just for the fun of it and because I know I can.
I’ll ignore you so you’ll apologize first,
but then give in because I can’t stand not talking to you.
I’ll drag you out of bed at one o’clock in the morning to cook eggs
and make you dance around the kitchen with me
even though you’d rather be in bed,
wrapped in blankets, sleeping soundly.
But I’ll also tell you this much:
I’ll love you like no other.
I’ll wake up early without being asked
just so I can make you breakfast.
I’ll rub your back because you deserve it
and run my fingers through your hair until you fall asleep.
I’ll admire you when you aren’t watching
and deny it when I’m caught.
I’ll surprise you with little things
like coffee, lunch, or those you suggest
just to let you know I listen.
I’ll spontaneously adventure with you until we run out of places to go.
I’ll put aside my wants for your needs
and worry about whether or not you’re safe when I’m not with you.
I’ll cross oceans for you
so you never have to wonder how much I love you.
I’ll never promise not to be difficult,
not to drive you crazy, but
I’ll love you unconditionally,
and I’ll love you like no other.

x abigail

Race to Snow Palace

Thanks for coming to see me.  Thanks for always brightening my day. Thanks for feeding me ice soaked with red dye.  Thanks for being my other half.  Can’t wait to see you again in 1 month and then spend 4 together. ❤
(Snow Palace in York, Pennsylvania)

To Sweet, Love Sass.

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Photo by Andrew Haselden


I knew you had to go,
but it didn’t feel time,
so I sat quietly and watched you leave.
Words couldn’t make you stay,
words couldn’t make you return.
So in the silence I waited
for a change that was far-flung.

Days grew grey.
And I was okay with that.
It grew to be my favorite color.
I dressed in grey,
as I lived in grey.
It was comforting,
but that was because I could choose it.

Grey became a lifestyle,
no longer a choice,
but an actual way of life.
I became grey.
So I changed my name to Grey to suit me.
The color surrounded me like a storm,
fierce, yet calming.

The world closed in,
soon be, nothing but my loneliness.
I lied in a world that had lied to me
and let it take me as it came.
“It’s fine.” And it is.
But I all became weak,
with my soul a burst of color.

~xo abigail

Go To Daily Care Products

I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I get excited when I see people recommend products they like because that means there’s a chance that I might like them too.  So here are five things I really love, and a couple of them are probably products that you’ve never even heard of.  Let me know in the comments if any of you tried or liked any of them!

  1.   Ponds bio-hydrate hydrating cream.  Having said what I did about the pore tightening, you will need to moisturize because it dries out your skin.  Ponds is fresh smelling and doesn’t leave behind an oily feel.  My skin takes it in so fast, letting me know that it’s been hydrated right then and there.
  2. Neutrogena make-up remover pads.  Again, I really love this product because it’s a lot less oily than bottled remover.  I have very sensitive eyes which are constantly watering and giving my issues, so it was really nice to finally find a make-up remover that didn’t irritate them.
  3. Bag Balm.  So, this product was actually created as an ointment to massage into cow udders, but PLEASE bear with me.  Bag Balm contains lanolin that stays on for long-lasting moisture and my family has been using this as Chap Stick for as long as I can remember.  I’m not going to lie, it smells really funny and Mary Kate hates whenever I put it on and refuses to use it, but I promise you it really works!  I can’t even remember the last time I asked for Chap Stick over Bag Balm.  This is going to sound even worse, but this can only be purchased at hardware stores. Weird, right?  You can get it in two sizes and while it’s kind of expensive, it lasts you forever as long as you don’t lose it.
  4. Maybelline Fit Me! Matte +Poreless Foundation.  This one isn’t really a care product, it’s a make-up product, obviously, but this changed my life as did the rest of them, so I had to include it.  I have really oily skin so when I found a foundation that came in a color light enough to match my skin, (Ha, ha, go ahead and make the jokes about how pale I am.  I’m sure I have heard them all before.)  I was so excited.  I’m eighteen and have tried a lot of different foundations, but this one is by far the best one ever.  Fit Me Matte +Poreless was designed for normal to oily skin and whenever I wear this, I never have problems with my skin feeling oily or worn out during the day.  I don’t have perfect skin, but after I started using this product, I received so many compliments on it.  (I was even interrupted by a classmate while I was in the middle of a college presentation because she wanted to know what foundation I wore.)  So, yes.  I would recommend this foundation to anyone, and have already.

~ xo abigail

Winter’s Dance

IMG_5682 (2).JPG

I wish to dance as they in the sky,
the thin air ringing to keep them alive.
Their fable is beauty, so chilled and up high,
as are the heavens in which they all thrive.
They leave behind a wonderland fleece,
which leaves me in tears whenever it cease.
By and by, admire do I,
for the rhythm’s a sight that captivates eyes.
Waving goodbye they dance through the night,
hidden by darkness, but never gone quite.
Until tomorrow I’ll dream of their dance,
where maybe we’ll both fade into expanse.

~ xo abigail

Photo by my adorable friend, Anna Jones

A Guide: My Vow to Happiness

Happiness isn’t a feeling, it’s a choice. Starting now and for the rest of my life, I am choosing to be happy.
Below are ten things that I believe will make me a happier person:

  1. Find something positive in everything you do and remove activities that aren’t. If you don’t feel like you are doing something worth your while, then at least you can say you tried.  But before putting that task to rest, make sure you gave it 110% of your effort and named one positive reason for why you did it in the first place.  If you can’t recognize why you started doing it, then maybe you shouldn’t be.  Along with this, you should remove any activities from your life that make it unpleasant.  Don’t do something just because someone else wants you to, do it because YOU want to.
  1. Forget the past. There are going to be things from your past you aren’t proud of.  The sooner you acknowledge that they were mistakes, the sooner you will be able to forgive yourself and move on.  Holding onto the past causes emotional burden.  Focus on channeling all your energy into a positive future.
  1. Set goals and be organized. Please, please, please set goals for yourself.  Travelling, academics, work, anything!!!  Make sure that you have something in mind that you want to work for.  Everything you do required a little bit of work.  It will be worth it.  Don’t let your life get boring and do not get lazy!  Once you set goals, create some sort of method to achieving this goal.  Stay organized and on task!
  1. Build and break relationships. Ask yourself if being friends with someone is making you, or breaking you.  Do your friends do things that are considered morally wrong?  Do your friends say bad things about you?  Are your friends considerate of your feelings?  Are they honest with you?  Do they make you feel better about yourself or worse?  These are all things to think about when you’re picking friends or contemplating whether or not you should stay friends with someone.  Strive to put yourself around people that make you a better person.
  1. Stop and find something to be thankful for. Every day, look around you and count all the opportunities that you’ve been given and all the relationships you’ve had.  Think about what you got out of those relationships whether it was a lesson on what not to do, or whether it brought out a good trait in you.  Be thankful for your family and a free country and for all the people in your life that have sacrificed things for you.  Consider what you have compared to what others don’t and remember that you are blessed.  Those are the things that got you where you are today.
  1. Visualize your “best possible self.” Take the first few minutes of your day to sit in front of the mirror and really get to know yourself.  Picture who you want to be and act on it.  Having an idea of who you want to be will help you become that person.  Make the most of yourself.  You aren’t ever going to be perfect.  No one is, but you can’t truly love anyone until you know how to love and accept yourself the way you are.
  1. Make others happy. People say that giving is better than receiving and there has never been a more true statement.  Seeing the joy on someone’s face due to your thoughtfulness is the best feeling ever.  Giving compliments is the smallest thing, but can have the biggest impact on someone’s self-esteem.  Letting someone know that they can trust you builds relationships that can last a lifetime.
  1. Be encouraging. Letting go of selfishness begins your journey with compassion.  Put others before yourself, even your enemies.  Always leave someone better than you found them.  This goes hand in hand with treating people the way you would want to be treated. (Matthew 7:12)  Dragging others down doesn’t make you feel better in the long run.  It’s just a temporary escape that puts others in the place that you are trying to escape from.
  1. Embrace new experiences. Don’t be afraid to try new things because the last new thing you tried didn’t go well.  Going out on a limb for yourself and stepping outside your comfort zone is scary sometimes, yes, but you’ll never discover certain parts of you without new experiences.  Remember, everything you’ve done in the past had a first try to it and there are so many things you enjoy doing already.
  1. Eat how to want to feel. This one sounds weird, but developing a healthy diet will give you the energy you need to be happy. To feel good, you have to eat well.  “Eat good, feel good.”

My vow to happiness

From here on and throughout my life, I, Abigail Richardson, vow to recognize the positives in my life and remove all negatives and forget the past in order to build myself a positive future.  I vow to be productive and set goals for myself to create that path and embrace new experiences to challenge myself along the way to self-discovery.  I vow to love myself to become the person I visualize myself to be and encourage others to become their best self as well.  I vow to be encouraging and put others first in order to find my compassionate side and make them happy.  I vow to only hang onto relationships that better my personality and be thankful for those I have around me.  Lastly, I vow to take care of my body and to treat it the way I want to feel.  I, Abigail Richardson, vow to be happy.

I challenge you to make vows with your happiness

Or even better, write your own!  You’re more than welcome to use my vow and to follow my guide, but your vow should correspond with YOU!  Don’t be afraid to make big, important changes in your life if they’re bettering you as a whole.  So go ahead and use the blank vow below or create your own guide and vow!

From here on and throughout my life, I,                                  , vow to recognize the positives in my life and remove all negatives and forget the past in order to build myself a positive future.  I vow to be productive and set goals for myself to create that path and embrace new experiences to challenge myself along the way to self-discovery.  I vow to love myself to become the person I visualize myself to be and encourage others to become their best self as well.  I vow to be encouraging and put others first in order to find my compassionate side and make them happy.  I vow to only hang onto relationships that better my personality and be thankful for those I have around me.  Lastly, I vow to take care of my body and to treat it the way I want to feel.  I,
                               , vow to be happy.

~ xo abigail