June Jams

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June favs :

  1. Elevator Operator – Courtney Barnett
  2. She’s Electric – Oasis
  3. Mess Around – Cage The Elephant

These were really different, but I really liked them 🙂


March Playlist


Happy March! Spring is coming! On this playlist my love for That Poppy and Marina and the Diamonds was birthed. Enjoy my new found loves! Don’t forget my Spotify is linked below!

My favorites this month:
Lowlife by That Poppy,
Pretty Girl by Maggie Lindemann,
and How To Be A Heartbreaker by Marina and the Diamonds



Lincoln Memorial Shoot

This past December, my family went to Washington, D.C. as we usually do. Being from that area, it’s something easy and fun to do. Thankfully this year, we had family in town for Christmas and we all went to see the Washington National Cathedral which was one of the few places I had never been. (I will try to make a post about this D.C. visit which, if it ever gets done, will be filed under “adventures”). We also hit up the stairs featured in The Exorcist, the Botanical Garden (which I do not have any pictures of) and lastly, the Lincoln Memorial. Here are some of the pictures that my brother took while we were chilling out there.

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I am wearing a yellow, black, burgundy, and white turtleneck sweater that was purchased at Target, high waisted jeans made by d.jeans and Dr. Martens that were bought on Amazon! The coat I’m wearing is actually a thrift find. It is a mink coat designed by Mary Sachs.

I got the shirt on clearance, the pants a long time ago and the coat was thrifted so I cannot link them here, but the link for the boots is: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000W3YM6S/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=317W1GG8YFXE4&coliid=IM82HW2H1EHQX&psc=1.

I said Happy New Year in my playlist post, but I still can’t believe that it is 2017 already and I just have to say again how excited I am and that I can feel great things coming this year. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Photos by: Parker Richardson
Follow him-
Instagrams: @parker_production and @rekrap31
Twitter: @rekrap31

January Playlist

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Hello my lovelies! Happy New Year! 2017 will hold great things I am sure of it!

This is a mix of oldies and newbies because why not? The links to the playlists are always below these comments so follow me on spotify!!

My favorites:
San Diego – Blink-182
Dreaming – Smallpools
Killer Whales – Smallpools
The Sound – The 1975

November Playlist

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HEY!  IT”S NOVEMBER!  Last month I admit that I was kind of in a rut and had a hard time putting together a playlist, but it’s now November and that is going to be put behind becauuseeee November is one of my favorite months!  My music style is shifting into slower songs because it’s becoming colder out and that’s just what happens to me in the fall and winter… I think.  This playlist compares a lot to the September one, but at the same time it doesn’t because while the songs are slower in tempo, they’re not really the same genre.  They’re still totally fun to jam to (I’ve been doing it nonstop).  It contains a lot of The Lumineers and songs from two of my new founds bands Flor and LANY.  I really like these bands and hope they put more music out soon.

As always, here are my favorite tracks for the month:
Warm Blood by Flor
Rush of the Night by Dive In
Surrender by Beak Attack!
and like you lots by LANY

I had to include a fourth this month, forgive me.

More than Black and White


I’d love for life to be in black and white,
and for it to be easy,
and for us to know what we want,
and to be sure of it one hundred percent.
I’d like for a lot of things to be different than what they are.
But we’re all too busy worrying about what other people think
and how they will judge the decisions we make.

Who knows if we’ll ever know what we want,
but we’re doing our best to figure it out, despite the world.
I admit that I worry what people will say,
I feel like I don’t fit in,
but I won’t give up trying to identify myself,
and I won’t give in to what society wants
because I am not black and white
and there is so much more that I hope to be.

We are so much more than just black and white
and what we are told we have to be.
We’re all individually unique
and we are each full of so much color,
and I am so tired of watching this world try to shape us into the same person
and change our colors to fit its palette filled with the same generic ones,
and try to tell us who we are supposed to be,
and tell us we can’t succeed unless we blend in.

So don’t let society shape you into something you don’t want to be,
don’t let it mask the colors inside you that want to reveal.
Be who you want to be.
Flourish, learn, grow, and love your life,
and along the way take pictures,
make memories and live stories worth re-telling.
Do all the things you’re scared to do,
the things that make good stories,
go out on a limb, try something new,
and don’t be sorry.

x Sass