5 Movies that Shaped Me (Pt. I)

With fall among us and people of all ages being excited for Halloween movies, I thought it was the perfect time to make a post about movies.  While the movies I am about to list are not Halloween related, I am excited to share them because, as you can tell from the title, these are movies that played a part in shaping who I am.  I have had people I know question why I re-watch the same movies over and over again and the answer is simply nostalgia, influence, and admiration.  I’ve always loved stories that made me feel something.  These first five are more classical, but there will most definitely be more to come of different genres.  So without further ado, and in no particular order, here are five movies that have helped shape me into the person I am today:

  1. Gone with the Wind – Gone with the Wind is a classic that combines romance with the happenings of the civil war. Scarlett O’Hara (Vivien Leigh), the rich, beautiful, bell of the south, despite her self-centered and wild spirit, is forced to exert bravery and strength in order to rebuild the life of her and her family in the south after the destruction caused by the war.  After being married quite a few times and living with her longings for a man that is married to another woman, she remarries again to a man in which she is not aware she loves until she runs him off.  Scarlett, once again after realizing what she has lost, gathers her strength and decides she must win him back. (240 mins)


  2. Mamma Mia! – Mamma Mia! is a musical, composed strictly of ABBA music, that takes place on the little island of Kalokairi off the coast of Greece. 20-year-old Sophie Sheridan (played by Amanda Seyfried) is engaged to marry the love of her life, but feels incomplete without her father there.  The problem is, there are three possible men that could be her father.  Before the wedding, Sophie finds her mother, Donna’s (Meryl Streep), diary and secretly invites the three possible fathers convinced that she will instantly know which one he is.  But of course, once they all arrive, she has no idea which one he is.  Sophie must now figure out a way to keep the men and her mother from knowing the truth about their sudden appearance on the island. (109 mins)


  3. Les Misérables (2012) – Les Misérables is both a historical love story and musical. This one takes place in France during the revolution based on the novel by Victor Hugo.  Living under the ruling of King Louis XVI, Fantine (Anne Hathaway) works in a factory in order to send money to her “dying” child who is staying with an innkeeper man and his wife.  After being fired for being a single mother, Fantine is forced to sell herself in the streets to pay for her child and becomes very sick.  Before her death, Jean Valjean (Hugh Jackman), who had been imprisoned for 19 years for stealing a loaf of bread and is living under a secret identity after violating his parole, promises Fantine he will care for her daughter.  Not wanting to disgrace little Cosette, they are always on the run to prevent him from being caught.  However, Cosette does not know all of this and when she ends up falling in love with Marius Pontmercy (Eddie Redmayne), Jean Valjean must do all he can in order to ensure the survival of the man he will leave Cosette to when he is gone. (158 mins)
  4. The Age of Adaline – Adaline Marie Bowman (Blake Lively) is a young woman who was born on January 1st in the year 1908. She lives a normal life in San Francisco, California until one day she has an accident.  Her accident causes a strange phenomenon that causes her to stop aging.  After being questioned about her age by the FBI, she promises herself to change her identity every decade for the rest of her life in order to stay hidden for fear of becoming a science experiment.  After all those years of hiding away, Adaline meets a man that makes her long life very complicated. (120 mins)


  5. Hamlet (1991) – Ahhh, the classic Hamlet based on the tragedy by William Shakespeare. Believe it or not, this is truly a movie I watch over and over again.  Hamlet (Mel Gibson) is the teenage son of Queen Gertrude and late King Hamlet.  He wants nothing more than to protect his mother and the kingdom they rule, but when his father dies and his mother remarries his uncle, Claudius, Hamlet is approached by his father’s ghost who claims that Claudius murdered him.  Enraged and frightened, Hamlet struggles with whether or not to believe what the ghost has said and doesn’t know what he should do with the information and starts expressing disturbing behavior.  Hamlet is in love with his counselor’s daughter, Ophelia (Helena Bonham Carter), and the people are not able to determine whether he is acting crazed out of sadness for his father or his love for Ophelia.  Claudius decides Hamlet should die and sends him to be executed in England.  However, Hamlet is too smart and escapes his near death.  At home, Ophelia is distraught with her own father’s death and Hamlet’s behavior and drowns herself in the lake.

One thought on “5 Movies that Shaped Me (Pt. I)

  1. The movie of the musical of Les Mis also shaped who I am. I previously was a fan of musical, but not passionate about them. This movie was the beginning of my Les Mis journey and helped turn my love of musicals into a passion and still continue to watch the movie and still not tired of it. It is so hard to describe why I love Les Mis even though I know why such as incredible songs, an inspirational story, and incredible, but there is something special about Les Mis that is hard for me to describe

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