Abigail’s July Playlist

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HAPPY JULY! Hi, I’m excited because my favorite holiday is now only three days away! I’m also excited because two uncommon songs on this playlist were heard while we were out this month and who doesn’t get excited when they hear a song they love but think no one else knows?? I know I do. Anyway, I usually list my favorites from the playlist and as the months pass it gets harder to only list two. Yet, I am going to try anyway, and fail because I already know I am going to choose three.

MY favorites are:
You & Me by Marc E. Bassy,
Eyes Wide by Handsome Ghost, and
Beware the Dog by The Griswolds.

Beware the Dog is actually a song I stole from Mary Kate (along with a couple others this month), but it’s most fun when we are driving together, sunroof and windows down, screaming it on the top of our lungs. 10/10 would recommend┬áthis. This was a very fun playlist for me to put together so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

until next time,
x abbs