Ariana Grande (Greedy&Sometimes)

I am literally obsessed with these two songs from Ariana Grande’s new album Dangerous Woman.  I played the album at 6:45 the morning on my way to work after the album came out and these two stuck out to me most.  I immediately played them on repeat when I heard them and then did the same thing on my way home!  Congrats on your new music Ari! I hope at least one person loves them as much as I do. ❤ They’ll definitely be on my June playlist 😉


Abigail’s May Playlist

5. May Playlist '16

HAPPY MAY! This is the month that my freshman year of college finally ends, I get to go home, see my family, and I get reunited with my best friend. My favorites this month are:

Infinite High by Panama Wedding
and Headed for the Sun by r.e.l.

Enjoy the tunes and get ready for next month’s because I’ve already started and I can’t wait to share it! Love you guys! Have a great end of the school year!! ❤

~xo Sass