Race to Snow Palace

Thanks for coming to see me.  Thanks for always brightening my day. Thanks for feeding me ice soaked with red dye.  Thanks for being my other half.  Can’t wait to see you again in 1 month and then spend 4 together. ❤
(Snow Palace in York, Pennsylvania)

To Sweet, Love Sass.

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Photo by Andrew Haselden



I knew you had to go,
but it didn’t feel time,
so I sat quietly and watched you leave.
Words couldn’t make you stay,
words couldn’t make you return.
So in the silence I waited
for a change that was far-flung.

Days grew grey.
And I was okay with that.
It grew to be my favorite color.
I dressed in grey,
as I lived in grey.
It was comforting,
but that was because I could choose it.

Grey became a lifestyle,
no longer a choice,
but an actual way of life.
I became grey.
So I changed my name to Grey to suit me.
The color surrounded me like a storm,
fierce, yet calming.

The world closed in,
soon be, nothing but my loneliness.
I lied in a world that had lied to me
and let it take me as it came.
“It’s fine.” And it is.
But I all became weak,
with my soul a burst of color.

~xo abigail