March Playlist

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Here’s my March playlist!! It’s SO hard to pick favorites this month but I’ll pick:

I Want to Love You by Lenachka,
Killing Time by Jae Stephens, and
Mine by Phoebe Ryan.

I’m not kidding, it was so hard.
~ xo Sass 😉


25 Things About Me

Sooo Happy Valentine’s Day guys! I know it’s the fifteenth and this post has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day, but here’s some things about me in case you’re curious!
~xo, Abbs

  1. Obviously this was going to be first, but I am scared of mayonnaise. It just really freaks me out and I won’t do anything that has to do with it.  It’s so disgusting.
  2. I played travel softball for 10 years as well as t-ball for 2 years when I was little.
  3. I have a really big problem with my eyes watering. It’s a 24 hour ordeal and I swear it’s because they’re blue.
  4. I am obsessed with Iceland. I will go one day and when I do, you’ll never hear the end of it.
  5. I love holidays. I have Pinterest boards dedicated to each holiday filled with crafts and cute food ideas.
  6. I didn’t ride my first BIG rollercoaster until I was 17.
  7. I’m constantly asked if my hair color is natural. (It is by the way.)
  8. For a long time I went by Abbey, but I have decided I don’t like it anymore. Only two people in my life called me Gail and I love them for it.  (Call me Abbey and Mary Kate will have to kill herself due to my excessive rants about it.)
  9. In high school, I was in a pop A Cappella group that won a really big competition. I’ll love you forever Fully Charged.
  10. I don’t have a favorite color so I just stick with black and white.
  11. I hate doing my hair because I’m bad at it.
  12. I am not a dog person at all, but am determined to have a Boston Terrier one day.
  13. I love how it smells when it rains. It’s so satisfying.
  14. I LOVE the snow and winter is my favorite season.
  15. I am the most indecisive person to ever walk the planet.
  16. I have been to Canada, Mexico, and France. (And hopefully Iceland one day.)
  17. I talk to myself way too much. If you ask me if I’m talking to myself and I say no, I’m probably lying.
  18. I went through a major Avril Lavigne phase in middle school. I was determined to be just like her.
  19. I have the biggest family in the entire world. I have over 40 cousins in my generation just on one side of my family.
  20. A 1987 Volkswagen beetle is my dream car. The first one I ever saw was in Montana when I was 14, I still have a picture of it, and I’ve been in love ever since.  (It was orange.)
  21. My grandfather was a pilot in the navy and now owns two private planes. This began my love for flying and I’ve even flown one of his planes myself.  (He was in the plane with me of course.)
  22. My grandfather is my role model. He’s my favorite person ever.
  23. I only like chocolate sometimes. It’s a wishy washy situation.
  24. When I was in elementary school, a poem I wrote was selected to be published in a children’s poetry book. Guys, I’m a published author.  To be honest, I have no idea what the name of that book is or where it is, but I do remember what my poem was about.
  25. One time in gym, I knocked my elementary school best friend’s front teeth out during a game of kickball and we still laugh about it… I hope. She definitely still holds it against me.